Rockets, Rayguns and Robots

I have a friend who runs a gift shop with a great selection of goofy and off the wall items.  While at his shop one day, I had an idea to make some chocolates in the shapes of retro rockets and robots.  I 3D modeled the designs into shapes I could cast and machined them out with my CarveWright.  From their I made a mold and cast the chocolates and some gummies. All in all pretty simple.  Then, I needed some packaging.  I thought it would be pretty cool to have them come packaged in a tin.  So, again using the CNC, I machined out another robot design to emboss the tin lids.  The results were pretty fun.  I’ve since found a chocolate factory who is interested in helping me get these produced.  Maybe you’ll see them in a store near you soon.

positivemolds mold2_withform mold_clean chocolate_poured2 chocolateRocket chocolate_raygun first_results1 gellie_mold_finished gellie_mold_many mold_carving tinstamp_positive tinstamp_negative stamp3 tinbox7 tinbox6 tinbox4 tinbox5


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