Chess Table

My brother is building a Victorian library in his house and I’ve been consulting on much of the design process.  It will be a grand place when completed.  Part of this project is designing and building much of the furniture that will reside in this room.  One of these pieces is this chess table. So I built it for him.  I 3D modeled or acquired models and created the overall designs, then machined it with my CarveWright CNC, assembled and finished it.

sunpanel moon_panel Screen-shot-2014-10-27-at-1.24.56-PM plains_panel sea_panel desert_panel

ChessTable_1 finished_Chessboard_top ChessTable_2 chesstable chesspieces_closeup chesstable_side tabletop_draweropen1 tablecorner_closeup tablecorner_draweropen

Want to see how I built it?

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