Dr. Beards Apothecary Trunk

This is a fun project I designed and built for fun.  This was inspired by a walk through a Restoration Hardware store. I love the themes they use in developing their furniture and decoration lines.  They had some steamer trunk wine cabinets that were really nice, but I thought I could get a little more elaborate with it. I created an idea of a traveling snake oil salesman, and even developed a sign and labels for the “snake oil”.  Then I built a leather panel embossed, old world trunk.

Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 4.43.54 PM beards_trunk8

beards_trunk4 beards_trunk5 beards_trunk6 beards_trunk3 beards_trunk7 trunk_panels beards_trunk9 beards_trunk13 beards_trunk12 beards_trunk2 beards_trunk1 beards_trunk11 beards_trunk10

Want to see how I built it?

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